Merry Early Christmas,Fellow Humans of the world!

Hello,fellow humans of the world! This is a holiday emoji,I have made.It is very close to Christmas and it is one of the challenges!I celebrate Christmas by having parties with my friends and family! Christmas is a great way to hang out with family and friends!For me,Christmas is in Summer! In Christmas we also receive presents!This is very exciting just to open a present! All I want for Christmas is a book! Merry Christmas Humans!

Here is the link if you want to try the Merry-tastic game=

Science Challenge!

Hello Fellow Humans of the world! You may have heard of the Science Challenge,since it is one of the challenges.

I have researched about Why blue is rare in nature?

You don’t see blue a lot in nature.Have you ever wondered why? Well,scientist have been thinking about this but they only came with a theory to solve this.Scientist think that back in time animals,butterflies and birds have been able to see blue light but they couldn’t paint their bodies that exact colour.If they could then that would mean more communications between the light.Most butterflies have blue on their wings.If you zoom in  they have scales but some don’t have scales.Creatures that have blue have pigment.Scientist don’t think they would just turn blue out of nowhere.Scientist think they have blue by using physics.When ever there’s a blue creature they look fascinating.Even whales aren’t that blue.

If you want a video to know more about this topic then click on this link:

So you don’t feel “blue”,get it?


My Avatar

Hello fellow humans! This is my avatar for the blog.My avatar is based on me! I like to read and do homework.That is why my avatar has a book in her hand! I used a website recommended by my teacher called Portrait Avatar Maker!It doesn’t need any information about you! This is why it is a very good website for kids! If you want to  try the website for yourself then here is the link to Portrait Avatar Maker:

Have a magnificent day humans!

Welcome fellow humans of the world!

My name is Rebecca! I am in grade 5 this year.I really like to draw and my favourite subject is Art and Reading! I also like the colour purple!I like to make people happy! I don’t learn any music right now but I know how to play the recorder! This is my first time starting a blog this year! This seems very fun to start with and I hope I enjoy it all the way! Hope you enjoy this blog! What do you like?